IDE Technologies partners with Fort Lauderdale for new water treatment plant

IDE Technologies, a global provider of water treatment solutions, announced the closing of a public private partnership project to design, construct and operate a new water treatment plant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US. IDE has partnered with US infrastructure investor Ridgewood Infrastructure (RI) to fund 25% of the project costs and own the risk of construction and the long-term risk of operation and maintenance of the project.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US (Image: Wikipedia)

Leveraging water treatment technology, the prospect Lake Clean Water Centre will use nanofiltration (NF) and ion-exchange technology, replacing the city’s existing Fiveash water treatment plant that has been in operation for almost 70 years. Once completed, it will have the capacity to produce 50 million gallons of treated water per day, strengthening the sustainability of Fort Lauderdale’s water supply.

“This project is a public private partnership between the Fort Lauderdale, IDE and RI, each bringing its strengths. We are proud to add prospect Lake Clean Water Centre to our list of large-scale water infrastructure projects,” said Lihy Teuerstein, CEO of IDE water assets.

“As IDE continues to secure desalination projects, we are expanding our activity in the water treatment sector, including technologies to purify water. This project is an example of our investment,” added IDE’s CEO, Alon Tavor.