IDE Technologies has finished re-commissioning the Santa Barbara Desalination Plant

Global leader in water treatment solution technology, IDE Technologies, recently disclosed that it has completed the re-commissioning and reactivation of the Charles E Meyer Desalination Facility with Santa Barbara City, California, United States (U.S.). The plant has a capacity of 3 million gallons a day (MGD), or 11.3 million litres a day, to meet 30 per cent of the city’s total demand. The City of Santa Barbara selected IDE to build, design, and operate the desalination plant as part of the metropolis’ overall strategy to ensure the community has a supply of safe drinking water by creating a more diversified water portfolio.

The facility uses Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) to deliver water of a consistent high quality to Santa Barbara City. Seawater passes through ocean intake pipes equipped with wedge wire screens, recognised by the State Water Resources Control Board as the best solution for screened open ocean intakes, flowing into the desalination plant from offshore. Once on shore, the seawater will be put through a pretreatment system that will filter out suspended matter and colloids such as algae, bacteria, plankton, and silt that occur naturally in seawater, going on to flow through SWRO membranes to separate the dissolved salts present in the seawater.

“Desalination is a key step in the City efforts to build water supply resiliency through diversification,” Manager of the City of Santa Barbara’s Water Resources, Joshua Haggmark, said. “The desalination plant’s design includes high-efficiency pumps and motors that reduce the plant’s overall electrical demands by 40 per cent compared to the last plant. Restarting this plant puts the City in a position to better manage water shortages through a more diversified supply mix. The City’s water supply portfolio includes local surface water, state water, groundwater, recycled water, water conservation, and now desalinated water.”

“Our advanced desalination technology and engineering expertise has made the Santa Barbara desalination facility more energy-efficient and the water supply more affordable,” Gilad Cohen, CEO of IDE Americas, said. “The drinking water produced by the plant allows the City to meet its water requirement while utilising natural sources alongside continued conservation efforts. We’re excited to be partners in this important step to secure California’s drought-proof water supply and serve the City of Santa Barbara.”