IDE Technologies donates two ro water purification systems to two schools in India


Jaya Rathore Bhatia, HR & Office Manager and Amit Gupta, Director of Operations at IDE Technologies in India pose with faculty and the newly installed water cooler (Photo credit: IDE Technologies)

In an effort to provide clean and safe drinking water for every child, IDE Technologies in India donated and installed a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification System attached with Water Coolers at the OM Foundation School in Noida and the Science Divine Vidyapeeth in Ghaziabad on August 13, 2018. IDE Technologies believes in providing clean and safe drinking water to areas around the world that do not have easy access.

Founded in 2002, the OM Foundation is a Noida-based registered, secular, gender-sensitive and humanitarian public charitable trust that was set up to make significant contributions to the economically and socially disadvantaged citizens of India. At the Science Divine Vidyapeeth, children are nurtured with love and meditation with the goal of the school to provide free school education, food and lodging facilities, medical care along with an inspiring spiritual environ for their upbringing.

IDE Technologies in India believes it’s vital to contribute to the betterment of society by providing clean water to those in need.