IDA to support 2020 Water in Mining Conference in Canada

The International Desalination Association is pleased to announce its partnership with the 2020 Water in Mining Conference, scheduled for April 22-23 in Toronto, Canada. 

The 2020 Water in Mining Conference brings together water management leaders from the top 50 global mining companies to network, debate, and discuss the present and future of water in mining. The conference regularly gathers over 150 industry leaders to weigh in on key questions in the mining industry and explore the latest innovations transforming water management into mining. 

The two-day conference will open with keynote speech by Dr. Hubert Fleming, previously head of Water Management at Anglo American, and current member of the IDA Industrial Advisory Committee, before launching into a series of panel discussions, keynote addresses, and technical sessions. Featured topics include “Water Management & Recovery: Doing More with Less,” “Progress of SDG6 in the Mining Industry, 2020,” and “The Threat of Climate Change on Water Mining.” 

“The IDA is proud to support engagement in the mining sector and discussions on efficiency, reuse and water management strategies,” said IDA Secretary General, Ms. Shannon McCarthy. “Sustainable water management is key to the future not only of the mining industry, but many other sectors like Metals, Oil & Gas and F&B.” 

IDA members and stakeholders will enjoy a 15% registration discount to the Mining in Water event.