IDA signs cooperation agreement with Greening The Islands

The International Desalination Association (IDA) and Greening The Islands have entered into a cooperation agreement to promote Greening the Islands Observatory (GTI Observatory), a continuous structured research and analysis initiative on energy, water and mobility that looks into island needs across different sectors, starting with water, energy and mobility.

The Observatory will map the most sustainable and innovative solutions and trends on technologies and costs, providing key information to develop strategies and plans that can be deployed on islands and in remote locations around the world.

IDA will promote communication and dissemination of the GTI Observatory’s results and also promote the GTI Observatory internally in order to support the initiative. In addition, IDA will actively participate on the GTI Observatory’s Scientific Committee.

“IDA is pleased to support the work of the GTI Observatory as part of our commitment to support and promote sustainable, environmentally friendly water solutions for people and industry around the world,” said Shannon McCarthy, Secretary General of the IDA. “We believe that the use of renewable energy to power desalination is a game-changer in this regard, with great potential in remote and island settings in many parts of the world. We look forward to collaborating with the GTI Observatory over the next three years and helping to advance our mutual goals.”

“At the COP 21 in Paris, governments from all over the world recognised that islands are more exposed to the effects of climate change and that they would be ideal locations to test technological innovation aimed at environmental protection,” Gianni Chianetta, Director of Greening The Islands, added. “Islands strongly need energy and water supply solutions and innovative environmental solutions tested on islands can be replicated in all isolated locations in five continents.”

Among the objectives of the GTI Observatory are to analyse and monitor project needs and development opportunities in the energy and environmental sector on small islands in the world. It will also disseminate best practices with regard to innovative energy and environmental solutions, develop tools for technical, economic and feasibility assessment of projects, and provide information and updates on incentives and financing opportunities on islands and in remote locations at the international, national and local levels.