IDA announces new dates for Specialty Conference on Innovation in Desalination

The International Desalination Association, Desalination Technology Research Institute (DTRI), and Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) have announced new dates for the three-day Specialty Conference on Innovation Desalination will be 7-9 Feb 2022, held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The event will focus on the latest achievements in science and technology of desalination, and provide a forum for incubation and exchange of ideas aiming to propel innovation, creativity and disruptive advancements in this rapidly growing field. The conference will be organised in morning and afternoon sessions with two parallel tracks.

The first and half of the second day of this Specialty Conference will include presentations by international keynote speakers, who will provide an overview of the latest developments in key desalination industry topic areas, of recent scientific and technology breakthroughs, and of new trends aiming at breaking the cost and energy barriers of desalination.

The afternoon of the second day of the conference will include a visit to SWCC desalination and technology facilities showcasing a number of innovative technologies of the DTRI of SWCC that were developed in-house or created in partnership with industry partners such as Hydranautics, FEDCO, Toyobo, Waterise, Fluid Technology Solutions, ERI, Pacifica Water Systems, and the University of California Los Angeles.

Some of the new technologies that will be demonstrated for the first time in public during the site visit include a full-scale underwater desalination unit operating on seawater column pressure, energy recovery system with efficiency of over 98.5% with design that eliminates the need for brine booster pump, SWRO membranes with rejection of 99.93% and productivity which contain chemically induced nano-structures, membranes that achieve salinity of 250ppt in two-stage low pressure brine concentration system, clean-in-place system for cartridge filters, and a number of other inventions.