HWM can find water leaks in the most challenging environments

HWM has launched the DXmic, a new ground microphone offering touchscreen operation and innovative features.

The high-quality microphone enables accurate location of leaks on-site. The colour touchscreen is easy to operate and has multiple signal, memory and frequency displays.

Digital features, such as auto-filtering and frequency analysis, allow the microphone to be used in the most challenging environments. The frequency shifting feature, which moves low frequencies into the audible spectrum, is particularly useful when working with plastic pipes.

The DXmic is compatible with HWM’s Xmic sensors, giving an upgrade path for existing HWM ground microphone users. The unit is supplied in a robust carry case, which can also be used as a charging station for the system. Battery life ranges from 15 to 25 hours.

Aside from hassle-free headphone use, the ground microphone’s wireless capability also simplifies the transfer of audio or configuration data to PC.

The DXmic is available in an app version, enabling site photos, notes and files to be downloaded and transferred. Everything can be emailed to the office from site, saving travel and immediately providing detailed, remote reports.