HUBER Technology unveils manufacturing facility in Denver, North Carolina, US

Mechanical solutions company for municipal and industrial water, wastewater, sludge treatment and energy HUBER Technology will open its manufacturing facility in the US on 17 Apr 2024, marking its commitment to expanding its operational footprint and contributing to the local economy.

The institution of this facility is said to celebrate American craftsmanship, resilience, and the continuation of building a cleaner future (Image: HUBER Technology)

HUBER Technology chose Denver, North Carolina as the location for its latest venture as it “reflects the region’s robust infrastructure, skilled workforce, and favourable business climate, positioning it as an ideal hub for advanced manufacturing”, according to its report.

The newly established plant features technology and streamlined processes to enhance production efficiency and meet growing market demands. “This investment underscores our dedication to our passion ‘water’, to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, while strengthening our position as a global industry leader,” said HUBER Technology president and CEO Henk-Jan van Ettekoven.

This opening of the Denver manufacturing floor also creates jobs and develops the community (Image: HUBER Technology)

Within the last two years, HUBER Technology reportedly created 80 new jobs, and plans for 50 more in 2024. It also partners with local suppliers, an initiative aiming to stimulate economic growth within the region.