Hidrostal supplies pumps for Dublin WwTW upgrade

Hidrostal has provided pumps for Irish Water’s €22.2 million (S$33.6 million) upgrade at the Swords Wastewater Treatment plant in Dublin, Ireland.

Hidrostal supplied two new pumps to replace pumps that were installed over a decade ago. The new pumps are submersible screw centrifugal non-clog pumps installed in the inlet and storm chambers. In addition to their non-clog pumping capabilities the pumps are known for their high efficiencies, steep and stable hydraulic curve, non-overloading power curve and low NPSH.

Hidrostal also supplied a hire pump to Irish Water for use at Swords WwTW which, having the same hydraulic end dimensions, fitted neatly into the existing installation. This pump, which was on long term hire, worked so effectively onsite that Irish Water decided to keep it.

The newly upgraded plant has increased its capacity to 90 000 population equivalent (PE) and is ensuring protection to the nearby Broadmeadow Estuary from wastewater pollution.