Helping solve water at a dedicated coronavirus hospital in Russia

As COVID-19 spread across the country, Russia took action to prepare for a huge influx of patients, including building new, dedicated COVID-19 centers. The construction of a new coronavirus hospital near Moscow began in March. The major project was completed in just over a month. The new healthcare institution has 12 buildings and covers an area of 70,000 square meters. It offers 500 beds, with 250 of them in the intensive care unit. The Infection Center, which includes separate dormitories to house a staff of 1,000, is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and supplies.

The challenge
Hospital wastewater is produced from various departments, including patient wards, surgery units, laboratories, clinical wards, intensive care units, and laundries. It contains non-biological and fibrous material due to different duties and medical residues.

To put in place effective wastewater treatment capabilities, the hospital had an immediate need for wastewater pumping stations, along with a disinfectant reaction tank, pre-treatment systems for proper discharge into the public sewage system, as well as delivery of a clean and heating water system.

The solution
Working together with its distributor, RDE, Xylem delivered a total of 11 wastewater pumps to be installed in three new wastewater pumping stations: eight Flygt N 3127 and three Flygt N 3069. These pumps featured Adaptive N® hydraulic technology, which provides sustained efficiency and allows for 25 percent lower energy consumption independent of impeller speed or duty point.


Because all wastewater from the new hospital would be chemically pre-treated before being discharged into the sewage system, Xylem supplied 12 Flygt 4640 mixers to support the disinfection processes in the disinfectant reaction tank. The tanks are located underground, and Xylem had to ensure the quality of mixing for the entire volume of the tank and make sure maintenance can be kept to a minimum during operation.
Xylem’s services included calculations and positioning of the Flygt mixers, helping the design consultant to achieve the required performance and to utilize the existing tank design without any structural changes. For clean and heating water applications, Xylem delivered four Lowara Ecocirc XL high-efficiency pumps.

Impact and benefits
The installation of the equipment Xylem provided to the hospital has enabled the proper disposal of wastewater at a time when the facility was under heavy operational stress.

“The new water and wastewater equipment, which we were honored to provide during the pandemic, has benefitted the hospital and its patients, and the larger Moscow community,” says Grigory Erantsev, General Manager at Xylem for Russia, Belarus & Kazakhstan. “Water plays a key role in public health, and Xylem is proud to help solve water challenges for our customers and their stakeholders.”