Hager+Elsaesser GmbH (H+E), one of the leading providers in the international market for industrial process water and wastewater treatment solutions, has been awarded three contracts totaling 6.4 million € to provide wastewater treatment plants for sugar refining plants in the MENA region.

These contracts follow the earlier award of a 3.3 million € contract by a leading beet sugar production plant in Poland. Now in operation, that plant has completed successful operations in both campaigns, or production cycles, since its commissioning.

“The awarding of these contracts reflects the confidence that leading sugar producers around the world have in Hager+Elsaesser’s ability to bring superior experience and technology solutions to their projects. The rising demand for sugar around the world, coupled with growth in the number of projects that we have recently won, is certainly sweet news for our company,” said Thomas Will, Chief Executive Officer of H+E.

An Aquarion Group company, H+E has extensive experience in the food and beverage industry and has been a leading provider of wastewater treatment systems for the sugar industry for over 30 years. With approximately 40 installed systems around the world, H+E combines this industry-leading experience with innovative technologies, as such as chemical-physical-mechanical pre-treatment, developed to accommodate the specific demands of this industry.

Among these technology innovations is ANAFIT®.CS, one of the water treatment solutions in H+E’s ANAFIT line. Based on the anaerobic contact sludge process, ANAFIT.CS is a reliable, proven and highly effective method for treating the wastewaters characteristic of industrial production processes in the sugar industry.

The sugar industry uses flume water circuits for the cleaning of processed crops. Abundant lime is added to the flume water prior washing the sugar beets, which reduces odors and results in a better settling of soil. In addition, the lime reduces corrosion in the pipework and therefore keeps maintenance and service costs down. However, it also results in wastewaters with high calcium content and a tendency for mineral precipitation, which can rapidly clog the equipment and degrade performance of the overall treatment process.

With its proven two-stage process, ANAFIT.CS overcomes the limits of conventional wastewater treatment systems in dealing with these very large amounts of calcium carbonate precipitates.

H+E also offers additional process technologies for sugar production including BIOFIT®.N treatment for the safe removal of nitrogen by nitrification / denitrification in an aerobic stage.