Hager + Elsaesser awarded contract to modernise biological wastewater treatment plant in Russia

Hager + Elsaesser (H+E), an Aquarion Group company and a leading international supplier of industrial process and wastewater treatment, together with its Russian affiliate OOO H+E Rus, has received an order to modernise a biological wastewater treatment plant for Knauf Petroboard AG in Russia, a leading manufacturer of packaging and wall lining board used to make gypsum plasterboard. 

Modernisation of the sewage treatment plant is necessary to improve the system for the introduction of clarified wastewater into sensitive rivers used for fishing. Due to its many years of experience, stable network in Russia, and its Russian subsidiary OOO H+E Rus, and the process concept for the renewal of the wastewater treatment plant, H+E was awarded this contract.

Further deciding factors were that H+E will undertake the modernisation of the sewage plant concurrently with the modernisation of a board machine at the site, and that it can ensure the plant will meet the strict limit values for purified wastewater to be discharged into the river.

As one of the first three steps of the project, two new drum screens and two clarifiers of the high performance contact sludge settler FLOCOMAT®.T will be installed. With many references as reliable and shock load resistant, the FLOCOMAT®.T is not only a cost-saving primary clarifier, it is also space-saving.

In addition, the two existing clarifiers will be converted into a combination of high-load biological treatment process BIOFIT®.H and low-load BIOFIT®.C. The blower station will also be expanded, and the existing second-stage aeration tanks will be retrofitted with a new aeration system, AEROFIT®.V.

In the future, a disinfection plant will be installed downstream of the wastewater treatment before treated water is discharged into the river.

The special feature of the process combination lies in the fourth modernization step – a so-called tertiary cleaning stage. It consists of multi-step approach including fixed biofilm and adsorption process and chemical precipitation stage ending up with a FLOCOPAC® high-performance contact sludge inclined-plate clarifier. This stage makes it possible to achieve the required low discharge values.

Each selected treatment stage is part of H+E’s robust portfolio of water treatment solutions. Integrating these solutions into already existing components of the plant is expected to achieve cost savings.

At present, design work is underway to implement the first stage, which is slated to begin operation in summer 2018.