Hach acquires Arachem’s water quality business, expands training centre in Malaysia

Hach Company, a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation based in Loveland, Colorado, USA, announced today its acquisition of the Environment, Process and Service divisions of Arachem, a specialised supplier of laboratory and online analysers for water and wastewater, based in Malaysia. The acquisition expands Hach’s direct presence in Malaysia, while strengthening their ability to ensure water quality across Asia.  

The business, which will be called Hach Malaysia, will offer water quality expertise, support and service. Hach Malaysia will also house a robust technical training centre that will serve customers and associates across the Asia-Pacific region. Hach Malaysia will support growth initiatives for businesses across Danaher’s Water Quality Platform including Trojan Technologies, OTT Hydromet and SeaBird Scientific. Hach Malaysia further increases the analytics and treatment capabilities of these businesses and their expertise to solve tough water challenges that impact health and infrastructure around the world.

Sahil Sansi, General Manager of Hach Malaysia

“This acquisition is an important moment in our global growth and water leadership because it gives us added training capabilities in the Asian region, which means more people who are equipped to tackle tough water issues,” said Sahil Sansi, general manager of Hach Malaysia.

“This acquisition allows us to deepen our presence in a fast-growing region where the issue of water quality will only continue to gain significance. Arachem has an exceptionally talented team and has built a strong reputation and customer relationships, which gives us the foundation to provide deep expertise through technical support and exceptional customer service.”

Growth strategy
Hach and Danaher have a strong track record of integrating acquisitions, improving businesses, expanding innovation and offering new products to customers. A focus on continuous improvement guides growth while keeping operations and decisions smart, innovative and anchored to the voice of customers.

Hermes Gonzalez, President of Hach

“We’ve built a trusted partnership with Arachem over the past several years, so we are looking forward to strengthening and building on that collaboration. Malaysia is one of the leading geographies for Hach within the Asian region, with Arachem being one of Hach’s top distributors globally,” said Hermes Gonzalez, President of Hach.

“Strong market dynamics in Southeast Asia make it the right time to deepen our direct presence in the region in terms of selling to customers, enhancing service capability and building a strong technical training centre. Arachem is the ideal partner to achieve these goals.”