H2O Innovation secures six new projects totalling $17.8 M

H2O Innovation Inc. was awarded six new municipal and industrial projects in North America. These new contracts, totalling $17.8 M, will bring the company’s project sales backlog to $42.2 M.

The first project won by the company is for a dual membrane system upgrade of a municipal water treatment plant in Manitoba, with a total project value of $10.0 M. When completed, this project will be one of the largest dual membrane drinking water plants in Canada. Only the detailed engineering and the 12-month pilot study representing $0.7 M have been added to the backlog. The remainder will be added to the backlog upon the successful completion of the pilot. The system designed by H2O Innovation will treat the surface water of a river by ultrafiltration (“UF”) followed by nanofiltration (“NF”). The initial treatment capacity will be 34.5 MGD (5,440 m3/hour) for the UF system and 27.6 MGD (4,350 m3/hour) for the NF system.

The second contract awarded to H2O Innovation, by an industrial customer, concerns the supply of a six-train reverse osmosis (“RO”) system, including feed pumps and cartridge filter housings, a clean-in-place and flush system, as well as an antiscalant dosing system. It will treat 6.0 MGD (1,140 m3/hour) for a customer in the food and beverage industry located in Ohio.

The third project, also for an industrial customer, is for an expansion to an existing water treatment system that H2O Innovation provided back in 2007. The client was looking to increase its production capacity due to increasing water demand. The company will provide three additional UF trains with a total capacity of 250 GPM (57 m3/hour), one RO train with a capacity of 180 GPM (41 m3/hour), and one sand filter for the cooling tower system.

The company also won two other municipal projects in the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Alberta. The first consists of a water treatment system with a capacity of 0.5 MGD (95 m3/hour) for the Village of Petit Rocher (NB). The project will treat surface water with multimedia filtration (“MMF”) followed by NF. The second project is for a membrane bioreactor system (“MBR”) that will replace the city’s wastewater treatment plant in Alberta. H2O Innovation has been operating this plant since 2018, and the new MBR will increase the scope of the company’s Operation and Maintenance (“O&M”) contract.

Finally, the company will build a 0.3 MGD (57 m3/hour) seawater reverse osmosis (“SWRO”) desalination plant for a resort facility in the Caribbean.

In addition to the new projects announced above, the company is excited to announce a strategic change in their business alignment. In the first business pillar, the Water & Wastewater Treatment Projects and Aftermarket Services businesses will be combined into a single entity called Water Technologies & Services (“WTS”).

“We believe that this new name will better reflect who we are, what we do, and what we have to offer our customers. The combination of the two businesses puts us in the best position to develop sustainable relationships with our customers and improve our operational efficiency. By maximising client retention, our team will focus more on activities generating recurring revenues which also help improve our gross profit margins”, stated Frédéric Dugré, president and CEO of H2O Innovation.

Source: Globe Newswire