H2O Innovation nominated in two categories at Global Water Awards

H2O Innovation Inc. has announced its nomination in two important categories at the Global Water Awards 2020, presented by Global Water Intelligence (GWI) in Madrid, Spain, on March 30. The Corporation qualified among the finalists for Water Company of the year, as well as for Project of the Year, for its project with the City of Montevina, in California.

For its first nomination, the Corporation will compete against three industry giants: Culligan, Essential Utilities, Inc. and Kurita Water Industries. This award will recognise the company that made the most significant contribution to the development of the international water sector in 2019. Over the past year, H2O Innovation has experienced significant growth, mainly influenced by the acquisition of a specialty chemical company in the United Kingdom: Genesys International Inc. As a result, the Corporation has expanded its distribution network by more than 100 distributors worldwide and added a 15,000 sqft manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom. This acquisition also solidified the unique business model of the Corporation which combines water and wastewater treatment projects, aftermarket services, specialty products as well as operation and maintenance services (“O&M”). H2O Innovation also experienced strong growth in the O&M business line, notably driven by the acquisition of Hays Utility South Corporation in 2018 in Texas, as well as by large-scale orders for flexible couplings and cartridge filters delivered by Piedmont.

“Having won the Water Technology Company of the Year award in 2016, we could not be prouder of the progress we have made so far. The honours are even greater this year with the Water Company of the Year nomination. Our sustainable business model has proven itself and now allows us to count on more than 80% of recurring revenues, stabilising these revenues and minimising the Corporation’s risk, while providing our customers with a wider range of solutions and products. With the acquisition of Genesys and its large distribution network of specialty products, we can say that H2O Innovation has truly become a real global player in the water industry,” stated Frédéric Dugré, president and chief executive officer of H2O Innovation.

“The genius of H2O Innovation’s dynamic leadership team has been to encourage the three pillars of the business to work in harmony to deliver a uniquely tailored value proposition. No company, large or small, did more last year to earn the respect of its competitors and its clients,” mentioned Global Water Intelligence.

For its second nomination, H2O Innovation, with the participation of HDR, BASF-Inge/Dupont & San Jose Water Company, will be competing against other innovative projects delivered in Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong. This award will reward the water treatment project, commissioned in 2019, that shows the greatest innovation in terms of optimising its physical or environmental footprint. The Montevina project is a Design-Build type of project and is considered as San Jose Water Company’s largest surface water treatment facility with a capacity of 113,562 m3/day (30 MGD), including seven ultrafiltration trains and two wastewater reduction trains by reverse osmosis.

“Montevina is a major project; it is the largest Multibore® membrane installation in America. In addition, it is a project with an alternative Design-Build contractual model in which the consulting engineering firm, the builder and the equipment manufacturer form a real team. Unlike traditional tenders in which the contract is awarded to the lowest bidder, this type of process creates an environment more inclined to innovation allowing H2O to bring much more added value to the final design. We have worked very hard over the past few years to become the “go-to” OEM manufacturer, specialising in such tenders, which are becoming more and more popular throughout the United States. We are delighted with this nomination, which confirms that all this positioning work is paying off,” added Guillaume Clairet, chief operating officer of H2O Innovation.