H2O Innovation announces new contract and separate contract extension

H2O Innovation’s two contract announcements have a total value of CA$29.9M

H2O Innovation has announce that it has been awarded a new operation and maintenance (O&M) service contract, and has extended an existing contract. Both projects are in the state of Texas and have a total value of CA$29.9m, increasing the Corporation’s O&M backlog by 24% to $156.2m.

H2O Innovation has been awarded a three-year O&M contract for a wholesale water treatment facility in Calhoun County, Texas, for which the O&M services had begun earlier in the week. The plant treats surface water from the Guadalupe Blanco River and produces 6.0MGD (22,700 cu metres per day) of potable water for municipal, industrial, and retail customers in the area.

Additionally, the corporation has renewed its base contract with a client in Texas for a period of five years, starting on 1 Jan 2023.

“I am pleased that our continued presence in this industry allowed us to win this important contract. It shows that H2O Innovation is committed to investing in and growing its business in this State,” said Frédéric Dugré, president and chief executive officer of H2O Innovation.