Grundfos saves 128MWh with merlin MICRO DROP direct room humidification

Grundfos has produced the MICRO DROP humidification system in electronics manufacturing to protect the sensitive electronic components from damage caused by static electricity.

Grundfos Pumpenfabrik in Wahlstedt, Germany

The previous humidification system, which was integrated into the ventilation system and used water vapor to regulate humidity, proved to be energy-intensive and costly.

According to Katrin Fett from Grundfos, the decision to use the energy-efficient merlin ALPHA MICRO DROP humidification system is a good one. She said, “Compared to the steam humidification previously used, the savings are large, we achieve a saving of 128 MWh/year.” With this energy saving, a two-person household can be supplied with electricity for 36 years.

Katrin Fett for energy efficiency concepts for all Grundfos locations with merlin ALPHA direct room humidification

The merlin system not only offers energy savings, but also improves process reliability. Independence from the aeration system ensures that even if the aeration system fails, humidification continues, ensuring a smooth production process. Grundfos chose merlin because of its price-performance ratio.  

merlin direct room humidification

“The merlin service team is competent, helpful and friendly, which makes working with merlin even more pleasant,” Fett added.

Images: Grundfos