Grundfos presents iSolutions range to meet Taiwan’s smart and sustainable manufacturing needs

Leveraging intelligent manufacturing as the key to Taiwan’s economic revitalisation, leading pump manufacturer Grundfos introduced iSolutions – a product range with a focus on digitalisation and connectivity – at this year’s Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS).

In line with the government’s ambition to transform Taiwan into a global manufacturing hub by pushing industry adoption of smart machinery, Grundfos showcased a number of machine tool products under its iSolutions range. These products are intuitive and connected solutions that feature intelligent monitoring and adjustment features, which in turn optimise performance of the entire water system.

A key product of the iSolutions range is Grundfos’ E-motor, which comes with a built-in frequency converter and sensors that enable the motor to intuitively control pressure from the pump to match the system’s demand, ensuring optimum levels of operation at all times. This drives significant financial and energy efficiencies, in contrast to conventional systems that tend to run at constant speed and pressure throughout their operations, regardless of fluctuating demands.

With strengthening competitiveness and sustainability being key to the local machining industry’s projected growth of 8 per cent each year[1], Eric Lai, Grundfos’ Global Business Director, Machining Industry, said, “Grundfos is committed to helping Taiwan achieve its goals for intelligent machinery to enable manufacturers to offer more value-added services at greater productivity and environmentally friendly levels.

“The move towards Industry 4.0 is picking up pace, and it is crucial to consider new innovations that can greatly improve efficiencies. As a leading pump solutions provider, we seek continuous development and innovation to ensure that each new pump is meeting the evolving needs and challenges of industries locally and regionally.

 “With pumps accounting for 10 per cent of the world’s electricity consumption, the opportunity to leverage Industry 4.0 to integrate intelligence into pump manufacturing and reduce both financial and environmental costs is unprecedented,” Eric Lai added.

According to Grundfos, the potential of intelligent pumps in the iSolutions range can help companies save energy by 40 to 50 per cent.

Grundfos Taiwan’s General Manager Shih Hung Lin, said, “As global demand for Taiwan exports continue to rise, we anticipate smart development to be Taiwan’s next growth engine. iSolutions will be a key driver in the machining industry’s efforts to transform production to perform more effectively and efficiently.”

Also launched at TIMTOS 2019 is the CM-L pump, the latest variant of Grundfos’ compact CM range. The new CM addition operates without a shaft seal, effectively eliminating the cause of pump downtime that could occur due to leakages as a result of mechanical seal failure. With the wear-and-tear of mechanical seals being one of the top causes for leaking pumps, the CM-L pump is expected to drastically reduce incidences of downtime, repair and maintenance.

It is worth noting that the CM-L is also a low-noise pump, due to the removal of the traditional motor fan and is ideal for Laboratories, IT servers and Data Centers. This feature also has strong appeal to a wide range of applications in the industrial sector, such as wire cutting.

Grundfos Taiwan has been present in the market as a leading solutions provider for 30 years. It was recently named by the Taiwan Machine Tool Manufacturers Alliance, or M-Team, as the ‘Top Best Supplier’ for the third year running – the highest accolade recognising exceptional performance and industrial excellence amongst its members from the machine tools industry.