Grundfos’ new range of end-suction pumps advance APAC smart green cities

Pump solutions and water technologies company Grundfos has launched its new NK and NKE range in APAC. The long-coupled end-suction pumps utilise smart technology to bring ease of use, monitoring capabilities, and connectivity.

The new NK and NKE range take end-suction pumps to the next level in terms of energy efficiency, connectivity, and durability

In a statement, Grundfos regional managing director of APAC commercial buildings Kenth Nielsen said that urbanisation, demographic shifts, and climate change in APAC drive the need for smarter solutions to build more resilient cities. He said, “As the first company in the water solutions sector to receive full validation of our 2050 net-zero target from the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), we launch the NK and NKE range.”

The water sector is responsible for a quarter of total energy consumption and energy-related carbon emissions, according to reports. As multipurpose pumps are applied in different applications including cooling and heating in commercial buildings, Grundfos is said to introduce NK and NKE range to provide customers with solutions at every level as all of its pumps are built to IE3 as a minimum, which reduces operation costs and exceeds current regulatory requirements.

The NKE range is said to operate up to IE5 efficiency, achieved through an integrated permanent magnet MGE motor with variable frequency drive and built-in pressure sensor. These features detect and adjust water pressure and flow intuitively. With these components built directly into the solution, NKE reportedly removes the need to install any external components such as controllers, frequency-converters, and sensors, which can add complexity and costs to the process.

Combining cloud connectivity and digitalisation, the NKE range also allows for remote monitoring over the system that is compatible with building automation and building management systems. Users can monitor, control, and schedule water use with the Grundfos GO REMOTE app, available on both iOS and Android operating systems. They can also access pump diagnostics, create, and email reports on-site, reducing downtime and maintenance costs to extend the lifespan of their end-suction pumps.

Grundfos utilised a single manufacturing process which eliminates misalignment, producing longer lasting seals and bearings. The pumps also boast improved hydraulics, which supports the overall efficiency in water flow conditions. The new pump design reportedly allows users to access the mechanical seal without the removal or disruption of other components. Other improvements include greater noise reduction and an increased temperature range.