Grundfos inaugurates digital lab in Asia Pacific, boosting adoption of intelligent water solutions

Global pump manufacturer Grundfos has inaugurated its digital lab in Singapore – the first of its kind by the industry leader in the Asia Pacific region.

As part of a strategic initiative to drive greater adoption of intelligent water solutions in the region, the lab will showcase Grundfos’ range of iSOLUTIONS products, which leverage intelligent technology to deliver optimal performance and ensure greater energy efficiency and reliability. These products are used for a wide range of applications across sectors, from water distribution and wastewater treatment by water utilities, pressure boosting and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in commercial buildings, to industrial applications such as washing, cleaning and industrial cooling.

Key solutions on display include the Grundfos SMART Digital XL DDA and DDE dosing pumps, which enable accurate chemical dosage across numerous production processes including drinking water, wastewater treatment, and industrial processing, reducing chemical consumption by 5-19%.

The lab also demonstrates Grundfos Remote Management – a secure, internet-based system that intelligently monitors and manages water flow in pump installations through the interconnectivity of pumps, sensors and meters.

Kim Jensen, regional directing manager of Grundfos Asia Pacific region, said that establishing a dedicated lab in the region is a demonstration of the company’s confidence in Asia Pacific’s digitalisation potential, as well as a recognition of Singapore as the hub for this digital transformation thanks to its Smart Nation ambitions.

Asia Pacific is poised for digital growth – by 2021, approximately 60% of the region’s GDP will come from products and services created through digital transformation.

Through the lab, Grundfos seeks to demonstrate the value of intelligent pump solutions, with the aim of driving greater uptake among its customer base which ranges from utilities and government agencies to property owners and major industries.

Jensen said, “Pumps do not exist in isolation. We believe that the key to maximum efficiency is optimising the entire pump system and not only the pumps. The iSOLUTIONS range aims to optimise energy and water efficiency across the entire system by leveraging connectivity, intelligent monitoring and commissioning wizards. Through our iSOLUTIONS portfolio, we have successfully delivered significant energy savings for our customers, while at the same time driving significant cost savings with optimised performance.”

The iSOLUTIONS lab will also play the role of a training facility for Grundfos partners and employees across sales, service and production to familiarise them with iSOLUTIONS. Previously only available to Europe, the new lab will make iSOLUTIONS training more accessible for Grundfos employees in the region, providing them with a ready avenue to develop the necessary digital skills.

Jensen added, “With our pumps being such an important part of critical water infrastructure across the region, it is imperative that not only are we offering the most cutting-edge and intuitive solutions with the highest levels of performance, but that our employees are also equipped with the necessary skillsets to develop and service these products.”