GreenTech starts pilots with NX Filtration for drinking water production in China

GreenTech Environmental starts a pilot programme with NX Filtration’s direct nanofiltration membranes for the production of drinking water in the Chinese provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Surface water from rivers and lakes is a vital source for water production in China. Similar to European surface waters, the removal of a variety of emerging micropollutants is an increasing challenge. This drove GreenTech Environmental, a Beijing-headquartered company focused on advanced water treatment and wastewater recycling, to start a pilot programme on surface water treatment with NX Filtration’s direct nanofiltration (dNF) technology.

This month, the first pilot project, based on NX Filtration’s fully automated Mexpert pilot system, will start at a drinking water production location in the Jiangsu province. Over the course of the year, a second pilot will be initiated for drinking water production in the Zhejiang province.

David Wang, senior vice-president at GreenTech, explained that with the pilot programme, the team will be looking to research on the removal efficiency for a variety of organics and emerging micropollutants, such as pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and endocrine-disrupting compounds.

Robert Gerard, sales director of NX Filtration, added: “As we control membrane properties on a nanometer level, we have developed a highly effective way of removing contaminations, while containing minerals that are desirable in drinking water. Contrary to other filtration technologies, our dNF membranes are capable of treating polluted waters in a simple one-step process, with lower energy usage and avoiding the use of chemicals in pre-treatment.”