Gradiant, water solutions provider, awarded US$20m in new contracts in India

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Gradiant, solutions provider for water and wastewater treatment, has announced that it has been awarded US$20m in new contracts during Sept and Oct 2022. The awards are for clients in the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells (or solar cells) renewable energy and industrial protective equipment. All three projects will be delivered as design-build contracts.
A solar company in India has partnered with Gradiant at a manufacturing site in the western region for ammonia and fluoride removal and wastewater treatment. The new facility will recover, neutralise, and treat complex wastewater rinse streams from photovoltaic cell production to levels that meet the client’s sustainability goals and local discharge limits.

Gradiant has also partnered with a renewable energy business for the design-build of two facilities for ultra-pure water and wastewater treatment to support a new photovoltaic cell manufacturing site, also in the western region. The project will include Gradiant’s patented RO Infinity membrane technology to treat industrial wastewater streams. The zero liquid discharge (ZLD) facility would reduce wastewater to only salt and solid wastes.

“We are experiencing strong growth in the India market across multiple strategic verticals,” said Prakash Govindan, COO of Gradiant. “India was already one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is well positioned to gain as global companies review their sourcing and manufacturing footprints to de-risk and diversify their supply chains. We are also witnessing a clean energy transition in India, as the country builds out renewable energy infrastructure and its supply to the world. This local market has always been important to India, and Gradiant is ready to support our clients with advanced water solutions as they shift or double-down their local manufacturing operations.”

In addition to these renewable energy projects, Gradiant is working with a manufacturer of industrial protective equipment for their new facility in southern India. Gradiant will deliver an effluent treatment and ZLD waste minimization system. The plant will feature Gradiant’s Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE) for ZLD and SmartOps for AI-powered asset performance optimisation, and a membrane biological reactor (MBR) for advanced wastewater treatment.

Gradiant entered the Indian market in 2018, with its main office being located in Chennai.

Gradiant entered the India market in 2018 to engage with major international and domestic companies to solve their advanced water and wastewater challenges in water recycling, minimum and zero liquid discharge, and ultra-pure water. Clients are served by in-country expertise from Gradiant’s main office in Chennai, while collaborating and leveraging global process and engineering resources. The India team is comprised of 80 expert engineers and staff today, with plans to increase headcounts across the country.