Gradiant partners with SAL to drive digital AI solutions across total water infrastructure

Gradiant, a global solutions provider for advanced water and wastewater treatment, announced a partnership with SpaceAge Labs (SAL), a digital technology company with a HQ in Singapore focused on water and wastewater distribution systems. By leveraging SAL’s expertise in water distribution networks and assets, the collaboration will expand Gradiant’s digital artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for water and wastewater facilities into an integrated offering in total water infrastructure. The partnership is said to result in a differentiated and complete solution for industrial and municipal clients around the world.

Gradiant will adopt SAL technology hydroEyeAI, a cloud-based AI digital twin technology that provides real-time visibility of water, wastewater, and stormwater networks through web and mobile dashboards. The data intelligence will enable public and private sector clients to perform predictive maintenance by detecting events in the distribution network before they occur, identify the source of the events, and take action to resolve issues. 

Prakash Govindan, Gradiant COO said, “We are committed to deliver AI-powered automation, predictive maintenance, and operations optimisation using machine learning (ML) algorithms and data analytics.”

SAL technologies will complement Gradiant SmartOps digital AI solution, a platform for plant performance optimisation and asset management. The productivity of facilities is improved by identifying areas and predicting the likelihood of future events, such as the need for cleaning or replacement of membranes and equipment.

Deepak Pitta, CEO of SAL, added, “This synergy enables the digital transformation for industrial and municipal end users and harnesses AI to protect water and wastewater assets.”