Gradiant launches Turing, an independent end-to-end digital solutions provider for the water industry

Gradiant, a global solutions provider for advanced water and wastewater treatment, has established its digital and artificial intelligence (AI) technology business into a wholly-owned independent subsidiary, named Turing. Named after AI pioneer Alan Turing, this new entity aims to drive cost savings and sustainability outcomes across the water value chain.

The launch of Turing underlines a market shift towards AI-driven solutions in the water industry. Turing will utilise its AI-powered platform, which includes SmartOps for treatment plants and HydroEye for distribution networks, to deliver operational efficiency for clients.

Turing has achieved adoption by customers which include Fortune 100 companies and large public utilities such as Aqualia, BHP, ENGIE, PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, Rio Tinto, Severn Trent, Detectronic, and Xylem. It has reportedly helped PUB remotely monitor its wastewater network to save millions of dollars by preventing multiple sewer overflows, detecting incidents of illicit discharge events by real-time monitoring for water quality, and preventing damage to underground sewer pipes and tunnels. It also created savings at an ENGIE plant in the Middle East and it has resulted in more than 10% energy savings for a seawater desalination project in Australia.

Gradiant CEO Anurag Bajpayee said, “Both Gradiant and Turing will have the power to grow by managing their resources separately to develop and deploy technologies into their respective markets.”

“Turing will scale and deploy a differentiated platform for AI-powered digital solutions for industrial and municipal water clients around the world,” added Prakash Govindan, Gradiant COO. “The spin-off will allow Gradiant’s expertise in water and wastewater treatment and project delivery, and Turing’s expertise in AI and digital solutions across the water value chain. Hiep Le, our CTO, will continue to lead the advancement of our digital technologies.”

This announcement follows Gradiant’s digital technology business of the strategic partnerships of Synauta for machine learning (ML) AI algorithms and SpaceAge Labs for expertise in water distribution networks and assets.