Gradiant launches ForeverGone, the industry’s only complete PFAS removal and destruction solution

Global solutions provider for advanced water and wastewater treatment Gradiant has launched ForeverGone, which is said to be the industry’s only complete all-in-one solution to permanently remove and destroy per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

The current best available technologies for PFAS treatment only concentrate or transfer wastes from one medium to another, necessitating further handling and transportation for ultimate disposal by landfilling or incineration.  

Gradiant’s ForeverGone pairs two technologies — Micro-Foam Fractionation and Destruction Engine — to produce water that meets or exceeds the latest US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drinking water standards for PFAS.

Micro-Foam Fractionation separates PFAS into a highly concentrated micro-foam optimised for removal. It injects billions of microbubbles into contaminated water to separate and concentrate PFAS into a micro-foamate optimised for immediate destruction — without generating waste or using harsh chemicals.

The Destruction Engine uses electrooxidation to permanently eliminate the full range of PFAS chemicals. It permanently destroys the concentrated foamate by electrooxidation using electrodes. PFAS is transformed into harmless byproducts — avoiding the current best practices of waste handling and transportation for ultimate disposal by landfilling or incineration.

The integrated solution achieves PFAS removal at low total cost, setting new standards for simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability. ForeverGone’s modular design scales easily and adapts to a range of feed and product water conditions.

The all-in-one PFAS removal and destruction solution is available as standalone containers that can be promptly shipped, installed, and commissioned at customer sites (Image: Gradiant)

“ForeverGone is different from anything in the marketplace — it solves the challenge of PFAS contamination. Our integrated technologies remove and destroy PFAS from drinking water and wastewater in one unit, whereas existing options merely displace the problem from one medium to another,” said Prakash Govindan, COO of Gradiant. “ForeverGone is the disruptive innovation the industry has been calling for. We are delighted that Gradiant is enabling municipalities and industrial users worldwide to eliminate PFAS from nature, for good.”

According to Gradiant’s head of technology Steven Lam, Gradiant has applied its innovation and commercialisation know-how to address societal problems. “We have leveraged our knowledge of electrochemistry and material science in advanced oxidation processes for the removal of organics, to now solve PFAS,” he added. “Destruction Engine’s electrooxidation process uses unique electrodes to deliver an overpotential that exceeds everything else in the industry.”

Gradiant is now working with customer partners to deploy ForeverGone to their sites, offering an opportunity to eliminate PFAS efficiently and sustainably, forever.