Gradiant awards over US$30M for new contracts to serve essential industries globally

From Business Insider.

Gradiant, a global water solutions provider, announced a slate of contract awards totalling more than US$30 million. The awards are for clients in seven contracts secured in September for multi-national corporations headquartered in Singapore, Australia, Belgium, the US and India.

Gradiant will deploy a range of solutions in advanced water and wastewater treatment to enable these industrial clients to meet sustainability goals, reduce operational costs, and ensure business continuity.

The company will design and build ultrapure water and wastewater treatment facility for a new semiconductor fab in Singapore. The project will be delivered on an accelerated schedule to allow chip manufacturing to commence in early 2023. The project incorporates RO Infinity for ultrapure water and Gradiant’s Selective Contaminant Extraction to treat complex and segregated waste streams to achieve over 80% recovery.

The second project is for a manufacturer of industrial protective equipment. The project is located at a greenfield site in India, where Gradiant will deliver an effluent treatment and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) waste minimisation system. The plant will utilise Gradiant’s Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE) for ZLD and SmartOps for artificial intelligence (AI) powered asset performance optimisation and a membrane biological reactor (MBR) for advanced wastewater treatment. Gradiant will also provide operator training at the customer’s site before the plant is placed online in Q3 2023.

“We are proud that a growing range of customers around the world is adopting Gradiant’s solutions to improve the operational and cost efficiencies of their facilities and reduce their carbon and water footprints,” said Prakash Govindan, COO of Gradiant. “These project awards demonstrate the compelling value proposition of Gradiant’s full-technology stack. We continue to grow by delivering complete solutions for an increasingly diverse, high-quality mix of industrial applications.”

“By partnering with Gradiant, industrial clients around the world can bring sustainability into their operations and supply chain,” said Govind Alagappan, president of global operations of Gradiant. “We are focused on treating, optimising, and managing all things water. Gradiant will endeavour to help industries around the world to make people’s lives safer, healthier, and better.”