Gradiant 2019: A Year in Review

Anurag Bajpayee – Co-founder & CEO, Gradiant Corporation

Gradiant Corporation has had a good 2019, enjoying rapid growth and market traction across its regional divisions, technological offerings, field operations, and market segments.

The company successfully demonstrated its newest product, the Counterflow Reverse Osmosis (CFRO) for both high recovery seawater desalination as well as ZLD-level industrial effluent treatment. The seawater brine concentration project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia promises to double the plant’s freshwater capacity at a lower cost than installing new seawater RO capacity and without increasing the environmental footprint of the operation. CFRO was also demonstrated for the treatment of textile effluent in India, giving Gradiant extreme competitive edge in textile and the broader industrial effluent treatment market.

Gradiant Energy Services continues to be a leader in water treatment and recycling in the US oil & gas industry. In 2019 the company re-introduced its flagship technology, Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE) in the Permian basin with a supermajor and increased recycling capacity with two other supermajors across Texas and New Mexico. The US team also completed a project for the US Air Force for managing perfluorinated alkylated substances (PFAS) in the water at a base in Florida, potentially opening a compelling opportunity for Gradiant.

Gradiant India successfully completed pilot projects in the pharmaceutical and dyestuff sectors while commissioning commercial scale operations for textile and chemical manufacturing effluent treatment.  Increasing water scarcity and environmental regulation make India a rapidly expanding effluent treatment and seawater desalination market. 2019 developments have positioned the company to create a lasting commercial and societal impact in this region.

Gradiant China received significant grant funding from the Ningbo government where the company has set up its China HQ. With operating projects in coal power, garbage incineration, and coal-to-chemicals industries, Gradiant China developed the critical mass to scale the business for 2020.

In southeast Asia, Gradiant secured ZLD contracts with a multi-national pharmaceutical company and a global dyes manufacturer while expanding its sales and engineering teams in the Singapore office.

In 2020, Gradiant will be looking to solidify its presence as a global leader in technology-driven industrial water treatment and desalination. With demonstrated profitability and real environmental impact across the U.S., China, and India, the company will further branch into Australia and the Middle East.