Global Water Summit 2018: Early bird ending tomorrow

With the theme Transcending Boundaries, the upcoming Global Water Summit that will be taking place in Paris, France, from the 15th to the 17th of April 2018 will herald the arrival of new business models in the global water industry.

With new technologies, businesses, and sources of finance entering the sector, lines are being blurred, forcing and empowering the global water industry to innovate, connect, and completely rethink the way it conducts business.

According to the Global Water Summit website, this year, the conference will concentrate on how cross-cutting issues that are slowly emerging from the boundaries of the water arena may drive performance as well as generate new opportunities for businesses “ready to build and engage with the new models and stakeholders.”

The Global Water Summit 2018 will also give key players from various industries such as the digital and finance industries together with core decision-makers from the water sector as well as utilities, giving them a platform in which to network, plan for the future, as well as identify opportunities in business development, according to Global Water Intelligence.


Sources: Global Water Intelligence, Global Water Summit 2018