Global Leakage Summit preview – IVL Flow Control to reveal major savings made for UK water company

At the forthcoming Global Leakage Summit in London (September 26-28), IVL Flow Control will be making a key address about the TOTEX (total capital and operating cost)savings that can be made by harmonizing and calming networks – focusing in on the big question being asked during the three-day event as to whether water companies are complacent?

Global Leakage will look closely at how leakage is down to target levels, but now flat-lining for several years because ELLs (Economic Levels of Leakage) have been achieved, which has actually slowed down or stopped important work on network optimisation.

IVL Flow Control (part of Ham Baker Group) will discuss how critical Demand Control Valve Theory is to reducing the total cost in water production and burst frequencies – and how the wrong type of air valves can be the cause of unhealthy surges within a water utility’s trunk main system.

Citing a major breakthrough with a forward-thinking UK water company in the UK that is already making massive savings during AMP6 (Asset Management Plan 2015-2020), IVL Technical Director Martyn Redman will explain the true savings of pressure management and how the frequency of bursts have been significantly reduced with a true TOTEX approach – enabling this Utility the basis to provide a higher level approach on spend to save on its pressure management program to achieve future funding for additional advanced pressure management projects.

Together with one of its international trading partners, IVL Flow Control will be also be unveiling new technology that provides constant power solutions utilizing either direct flow through the main – or the pressure differential across the IVL Demand Control Valve. This new technology greatly reduces the need for batteries and strengthens a Utility’s ability to monitor its networks in real time, instead of once per day via 15-minute logging intervals.

As well as speakers from the UK, Global Leakage includes leading water company practitioners from the USA, Portugal, Egypt and China.