Global food supplier selects WCSEE treatment system

Global food supplier Griffith Foods has selected WCS Environmental Engineering technology to enhance the wastewater treatment process at its UK site in Wincanton, Somerset.

Griffith Foods provides seasonings, coatings, sauce, dressings and butter portions to the food industry

Its previous on-site water treatment system required updating to ensure compliance with tightening trade effluent requirements and maintain protection of the local water environment. After laboratory testing of site effluent samples, WCSEE recommended a new system comprising a dissolved air flotation (DAF) system, balance and sludge tanks and a chemical mixing and dosing system.

The system was designed with a focus on removal of fat, oil and grease (FOG), which can cause blockages in public sewer systems if not removed during industrial effluent treatment. DAF is a treatment process that removes a range of total suspended solids in wastewater and reduces FOG and chemical oxygen demand.

Pete Cranney, WCSEE technical manager, said, “We support Griffith Foods with its waste management goals by providing a wastewater treatment system at Wincanton. Food manufacturing wastewater streams can be complex, with solids, FOG to manage and dispose of appropriately, to [not] impact surrounding environments.” He added that the F&B sector, like other industrial water users, has tight trade effluent regulations to maintain. “Businesses will have their own corporate sustainability goals, around reduction of water and energy use. As such, modern wastewater treatment systems must be robust, cost-efficient and sustainable.”

Each WCSEE DAF treatment system is customised for individual sites

Its modular design means the whole plant — including pumps, tanks, screens, chemical dosing and controls — can be manufactured off-site and transported for quick installation. WCSEE also support industrial clients with sludge disposal though anaerobic digestion, a process which produces biogas and biofertiliser, to generate a revenue.