GE’s PROflex is a new flexible and competitively priced reverse osmosis system

GE’s new PROflex is a reverse osmosis system for a broad range of applications including general industrial power, drinking water, mining, and petrochemical industries among many others

GE Water & Process Technologies launched a new reverse osmosis (RO) system for a wide range of applications that include drinking water, food and beverage, refining and petrochemical industries, among much more. Easily adaptable, flexible, and robust, PROflex*was redesigned to incorporate years of customer feedback to offer a cost-effective, easy-to-configure system that provides many regularly-requested options.

GE’s most flexible and price competitive RO system yet, PROflex offers up to 30 per cent in capital cost savings compared to PRO RO systems. Additionally, it is configurable using GE’s new online product configurator, allowing users to choose the exact flow rate required by the application form a range of PROflex ROs that fit the application. Available with pre-priced options of regularly-requested modifications, the overall footprint has been minimised, taking up less space with key components moved to the front of the RO for more accessibility.

“Our customers told us we needed to be more competitively priced and flexible in our RO product offering,” Kevin Cassidy, global leader, engineered systems – GE’s Water & Process Technologies, said. “The new PROflex RO system provides those benefits and more.”

Quick to deliver, there are also key design features that make it much easier to design a system for specific flow, flux, and water requirements. Among its many product improvements, its pump is in front of the skid for easy access and maintenance; there are various pump sizes and a number of element types to choose from; and the piping is clean and simple to allow easy modifications, as needed.

The PROflex RO system is now commercially available and is manufactured and produced at Water & Process Technologies’ facility at Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States (U.S.). The facility also produces filters, spiral wound membrane elements and equipment across the spectrum of membranes including RO, microfiltration, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration for global water treatment and reuse.


*Trademark of General Electric Company that may be registered in one or more countries