Georgia state selects 120Water PWS portal to manage LSL database

Continuing to develop its network of statewide and multistate partnerships, 120Water has been selected to manage the data and submittal of Georgia, US lead service line (LSL) inventories. The state’s procurement of 120Water’s software grants all Georgia water systems individual licenses to access the Public Water System (PWS) portal, which serves as a centralised database to store, format, and submit LSL data in accordance with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) and federal and state reporting requirements.

The LCRR requires utilities nationwide to compile a location-based inventory of service line materials by October 2024. This mandate introduces time and resource burdens as many water systems —especially small, rural systems serving populations of 10,000 or less — lack the infrastructure needed to keep digital records and submit inventories in the required format. To help alleviate the encumbrance, 120Water PWS portal provides a standardised tool to validate LSL data before it is uploaded to the state dashboard for ongoing compliance management. The submissions are automatically validated upon import, at which the state will have the opportunity to review and approve service line inventories which can be published to the public transparency dashboard.

Megan Glover, co-founder and CEO of 120Water said, “It enable[s] our software to help more systems [and] facilitate conversations between state regulators and utilities. These relationships and the shared ability to harness LSL data will help these states access Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding, securing dollars to improve drinking water infrastructure where it is needed.”

120Water was chosen as the Georgia state partner through a request for qualifications (RFQ) with the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority. The RFQ was awarded to 120Water earlier this month, and the solutions provider is working with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to roll out licenses, communications, and training to onboard all applicable systems. The statewide contract comes on the heels of another statewide partnership with Indiana that was announced in December 2022.