Gentrack and the WAF partner to enhance efficiency and customer experience

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) has engaged utilities business company Gentrack for a transformation project to deliver operational cost savings and transform the customer experience for Fiji customers.

WAF, a commercial statutory authority in Fiji, is responsible for providing water services to over 800,000 people across residential, business and institutional customer segments, and is one of Fiji’s important essential services providers.

To move towards greater cost efficiencies and enable new billing and revenue management capabilities, WAF has renewed its partnership with Gentrack and selected its cloud-first, customer and revenue offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Gentrack will deploy its technology while delivering cost savings to WAF through platform services for managing WAF cloud environments. This will bring security to WAF’s systems for billing and customer operations, along with a platform designed for performance, reliability, and redundancy. 

Additionally, Gentrack and WAF will partner on revenue management processes to enable a greater level of automated customer engagement around bill payments for one of Fiji’s valuable and precious resources.

This will enable WAF to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud-based solution with no disruption to customers and in turn allows WAF to deliver an improved customer experience while realising operational cost savings through automation.

Sekove Uluinayau, WAF chief customer officer said: “Whether it is a service request for a new water and wastewater connection, water carting relief, or reporting of a roadside leakage, we are committed to improvements in customer engagement, billing processes and collection of unpaid water bills, and how quickly we can monitor the turnaround time in these areas.”