General Mills joins Water Leaders Summit 2018’s speaker line-up

Located on the world’s largest freshwater ecosystem, with a legacy of industrial know-how, major research facilities, and a specialized pool of talent, Water Leaders Summit 2018 provides access to a global network of forward-thinking, idea-innovating, poised to make a change, water technology experts.

General Mills is the latest addition to the speaker line-up. As a global food company, water is critical to General Mills. They take a broad approach to water stewardship, looking beyond their company’s walls to the phases of their value chain that drive overall use. This is essential, since 85 percent of General Mills’ water footprint is from growing and transporting crops, and turning those crops into food ingredients.

Water Leaders Summit 2018’s Conversation Line-up include:

>Waterside Chat with Water Environment Federation
President & CEO of The Water Council Dean Amhaus joins Executive Director of the Water Environment Federation Eileen O’Neill to talk about how their organizations support water innovation and community impact. They’ll also ‘set the stage’ for the conversations you’re about to experience.

Eileen O’Neill- Water Environment Federation
Dean Amhaus- The Water Council


>Emerging Innovations

A cheese-maker looks to tap NASA for water technology, a water-park finds water-smart ways to expand to arid Austin, and a data-guru brings insights from the data-rich mobile phone world to the data-deprived world of water.

Dale Hensen- Kalahari Resorts & Conventions

Jennifer Nowlin- Accredent LLC

Patrick Cardiff- Grande Cheese Company

Charles Fishman- Author and Fast Company contributor (moderator)



>Value Creation Through Water Stewardship in theFood & Beverage Industry

No water, no food, no beverages. Despite that axiom, many food and beverage companies struggle to make the internal business case to invest in simple water conservation projects, let alone undertake more comprehensive water stewardship commitments. Learn from a global thought-leader, WWF International, about water stewardship strategies that are creating value right now for businesses and communities. Hear first-hand accounts of water-related success stories from iconic American brands, Campbell Soup Company and General Mills.

Dave Stangis- Campbell Soup Company

Jeff Hanratty- General Mills

Alexis Morgan- World Wildlife Fund

Matt Howard- Alliance for Water Stewardship North America (moderator)


>The Petroleum Business & Water

Two people with deep experience working with, and in, the oil & gas industry explain the innovations and practices that cutting-edge companies are using to change the petroleum industry’s relationship to water, and to the communities where it operates.

Kim Sturgess- Alberta WaterSMART

Ed Piñero- The Piñero Group LLC

Charles Fishman- Author and Fast Company contributor (moderator)  


>Key Insights and Opportunities in Adopting Alliance for Water Stewardship Standards

Listen to early adopters and leaders who have paved the way toward greater adoption of the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standards. They will share their insights and best practices to help you bring your facility to a higher level of water stewardship.

Joan Giuliani- MillerCoors

Sven Vetter- Nestle USA

Emilio Tenuta- Ecolab (moderator)

>Water and the Health Economy

Businesses in the health sector are motivated to re-think how they’re using water within their manufacturing process and facilities – from re-use, to cleaning to wastewater. With increased economic and environment pressure, we’ll explore how Merck and Gundersen Health Systems are utilizing water as an opportunity, what they’ve done well and the future challenges they face.

Jack Gavin- Merck

Eric Bashaw- Gundersen Health System

Lisa Johnson- BioForward Wisconsin (moderator)


>Sports, Grass & Smart Water

Whether it’s big-time college football, Major League Baseball, or a round of Saturday afternoon golf, sports relies on water. How do you offer the perfect setting for the games, while also being water smart? A conversation with the man who brought a new kind of golf course to Las Vegas, the former chief groundskeeper for the San Diego Padres, and the woman who watches over water for all of UCLA’s athletic facilities.

Bill Rohret- Legacy Golf Club in Las Vegas (retired)

Luke Yoder- DuraEdge Products, Inc.

Bonny Bentzin- University of California at Los Angeles

Charles Fishman- Author and Fast Company contributor (moderator)


Registration closes on Monday, June 25