GE launches an integrated service plan for offshore oil and gas water treatment

GE Water & Process Technologies recently debuted OnBoard*, a new service offering that is a customisable, totally integrated water treatment solution, and service plan for offshore oil and gas producers. OnBoard combines chemicals, diagnostic software, digital technologies, membranes, remote monitoring, and sulphate removal technology and offshore field process expertise to assist producers in improving operations, increasing profitability and performance, and also reducing costs at offshore water treatment facilities.

Just by selecting the OnBoard programme parameters that suit their unique requirements, offshore oil and gas producers and operators can customise the service and explore the possibility of lowering the clean-in-place (CIP) time, and enhance recovery rates while also bringing down the maintenance costs. Other additional benefits of OnBoard include an improved reliability and increase in sulphate removal unit recovery up to five per cent, as well as a notable decrease in CIP hours and same-day troubleshooting.

“When producers can create a service package with the digital solutions and treatment technologies they need under one umbrella programme, they can monitor and manage their plants in more efficient and reliable ways,” oil and gas director at GE Water & Process Technologies, Craig Hobkirk, said. “What makes this service programme unique is the addition of our InSight* asset performance management (APM) system, which can increase operational effectiveness and performance and ultimately lead to cost savings and increased productivity.”

GE’s InSight APM system is a standard feature in all OnBoard service packages. InSight is the remote monitoring and diagnostic software that leverages on advanced data and analytics to assist operators in making better business decisions, remove unplanned downtime, and reduce costs. It allows visualisation of current conditions and their expected trajectory, as well as problem diagnosis and opportunity identification through data collection and processing.

Additionally, services that can be added to any OnBoard service programme include field service expertise for proper on-site maintenance needs, operator training, seawater sulphate reducing nanofiltration membranes, ZeeWeed* 700B hollow-fibre membranes, a full range of cleaning and production chemicals, and process experts to recommend and review areas of improvement for both chemical and membrane solutions.

*A trademark of General Electric Company that may be registered in one or more countries.