Galliford Try choose Landia aerators for Southern Water’s Cowfold

Landia has won an important order from Galliford Try to supply its AirJet aerators for Southern Water’s WwTW at Cowfold near Horsham, West Sussex.

Benefitting from a Landia chopper pump and an ejector system, the AirJets will be installed in above-ground 175m3 glass-lined-steel aeration tanks.

Here, the Landia aeration system will mix and aerate screened sewage and Return Activated Sludge dosed with ferric chloride/sulphate – (pH neutral) – with dissolved solids of 1% or less.

Galliford Try have ordered AirJet aerators from Landia for Southern Water’s WwTW at Cowfold near Horsham, West Sussex

Designed with a highly effective knife system that stops the aerator from becoming clogged by solids, the Landia AirJet requires no compressors, bottom-mounted diffusers, nor advanced controls. In addition to the municipal sewage industry, AirJet is used worldwide in industrial applications where solids need to kept in suspension.

This latest order for Landia follows the recent contract gains for its biogas digester mixing system with J Murphy & Sons for Yorkshire Water – and for its chopper pumps with MWH Treatment for Severn Trent.