Four Corners building additional wastewater treatment plant

Four Corners will soon have a second wastewater treatment centre to handle the area’s growth.

The Four Corner Water and Sewer District has approved the sale of bonds to help pay for the $8.2 million (SGD $11.4 million) building, which is scheduled to open next year and will be located near the intersection of Huffine Lane and U.S. Highway 191 in the Rainbow subdivision.

The district’s existing wastewater treatment facility in the Elk Grove subdivision has a maximum capacity of 300,000 gallons per day and now operates at an average of 250,000 gallons per day. The district also has committed to serving more properties than the Elk Grove facility alone can accommodate.

“We don’t have any current issues, but the issue could be that if everyone who we have said could join the district did so tomorrow, we wouldn’t be able to serve them all,” district president Cory Klumb said. “This wouldn’t happen, but we want to stay ahead of the curve.”

The new facility will have a capacity of 200,000 gallons per day, enabling the district to fulfil its existing commitments and providing room for future users. The building will be configured to allow for later expansion.

The water reclamation facility will treat wastewater, which will then be used to recharge the groundwater.

The Four Corners Water and Sewer District has long known it would have to expand, Klumb said. The district was created in 2003 and contracted with Utility Solutions to provide water and sewer services. In 2015, the district bought Utility Solutions’ water and sewer systems knowing that the system would soon need to be expanded to meet Four Corners’ needs.

Once the new facility is built, Klumb said the district will focus on ways to pay for future expansion without burdening existing district members.

“Four Corners is growing by leaps and bounds,” he said. “What I’ve heard from our members is they’re tired of funding future growth. And I’m tired of it too. As a board, we have to find a way where we aren’t having our current members take on all these costs.”