Fortune 50 Company Selects Cerahelix to Provide Revolutionary Membranes to Treat Over 100,000 Gallons per Day of Industrial Wastewater for Reuse at Manufacturing Facility

Cerahelix, Inc., developer of a new class of ceramic membranes for water and wastewater treatment, has been awarded a contract by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal care products – a Fortune 50 company – to provide its ceramic membranes for use in treating wastewater for reuse.

Cerahelix’s filters will operate as a single stage treatment system to treat plant wastewater at a rate of more than 100,000 gallons per day (GPD). The permeate and concentrate will be reused internally and externally, saving water resources, eliminating discharge into the environment, and providing added value to the company.

Combining the power of DNA biotechnology with ceramic chemistry, Cerahelix’s products represent a new class of membrane. Its picofiltration process provides membrane filtration at the molecular level and opens the door to new applications of ceramic membrane technology while delivering significant savings in lifetime costs.

“We are proud that our revolutionary membrane filtration products have been selected by this leading company, which has set comprehensive sustainability goals that include water reuse. Our membranes will provide an extremely effective yet elegantly simple way to treat wastewater at this facility, achieving 90 per cent recovery and reducing chemical oxygen demand (COD) by over 95 per cent,” said Susan MacKay, Chief Executive Officer of Cerahelix.

Cerahelix’s patented process employs a DNA template to form the pores used to filter water and wastewater, controlling the pore size to extend the range of treatment applications for ceramic membranes from nanofiltration to high purity picofiltration. Cerahelix membranes deliver a robust, reliable, efficient and cost-effective water treatment solution that simplifies the process, achieving ten times higher purity than today’s best commercially available ceramic filters while significantly reducing costs.

Cerahelix currently markets a commercial scale, large format filter element product that can be made with three different molecular size cut-offs, ranging from 400 Daltons to 1,200 Daltons, to meet specific needs.