Flygt releases MAS 801 pump monitoring system

Flygt, a Xylem brand, recently launched its MAS 801 next generation pump monitoring system with enhanced functionality for more precise station diagnostics.

Designed for wastewater applications, including stormwater and flood mitigation projects, the company says the Flygt MAS 801 offers powerful predictive analytics which enable time, cost and energy savings for water utilities.

The MAS 801 provides engineers and technicians with accurate and actionable data, helping them to minimise stoppages, reduce wear on system components, and extend pump lifetime. Some of the features of the MAS 801 are a three-axis vibration sensor, current measurements, a temperature and moisture sensor, a “black-box” sensor data to ensure greater control of maintenance cycles and combined power and communication signals through a single cable.

The Flygt MAS 801 also has an electronic module (PEM) that connects all pump sensors via a Flygt Subcab Power Cable, simplifying handling and improving data readings. There are ten separate warning parameters accessible via a colour HMI touchscreen or any mobile device and SCADA integration connects the operator panel to an online dashboard to monitor up to 10 pumps simultaneously from anywhere.