Floodex Europe launch event set to kick-start drive for flood solutions

With climate change leading to heightened concerns about the risks posed by extreme wet weather in Europe, Floodex Europe, a new event launched by RAI Amsterdam in partnership with the UK Floodex event, is dedicated to showcasing solutions to the threats Europe faces from flooding, and aims to help stimulate action across the continent and showcase practical options for tackling flooding.

The event is to be launched with a special one-day programme during the forthcoming Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW). In addition, the highly successful Aquatech Amsterdam will expand exhibition coverage during AIWW to include the total water cycle, and will add a platform dedicated to solutions to the challenges of dealing with excess water.

“Flooding is a local problem, but it is also a problem where we need more discussion and cooperation at the European level,” Annette Bos, Director of Water at RAI Amsterdam, said. “This needs the input of the wide range of stakeholders involved with the issue, and we want to help put flooding higher up the European agenda. This is crucial as water does not recognise borders. A solution in one country can add to the problem in another.”

The launch event will include presentations and discussions in which a number of leading European associations with a focus on flooding will participate. There will be a tour to highlight the flooding expertise already available from current exhibitors at Aquatech. There will also be side visits to some of the latest flood-related schemes implemented across the city of Amsterdam.

“Our aim with the launch event is to introduce the Floodex Europe concept to the AIWW, to start discussions amongst stakeholders, and to showcase some of the examples for solving this issue and inspiring communities to connect on this issue. In 2019 we will display a wide range of flooding solutions, from drainage products to building with nature concepts. We will focus on the small challenges faced today to the major ones threatening us in the long term, as well as where we need cross border cooperation,” Bos continued. “The launch event will be an ideal first networking opportunity for anyone faced with the task of dealing with flooding to meet people from this industry, to meet technology providers, and to meet other stakeholders who share the same or similar challenges. It will also give them a taste of what to expect when Floodex Europe arrives in full in 2019.”