Festo’s VZXA valve is flexible and robust – while also offering high performance

Flexible and robust, the high-performing angle seat valves VZXA controls flow quickly and reliably

The modular angle seat valves VZXA, from Festo flows quickly and reliably. The patented interface enable valve bodies and actuators to be freely combined, and offers users greater flexibility in the configuration of applications.

With the VZXA valves, different actuators and valve bodies can be combined for easy integration into the application, and the seal system prevents the operating medium from leaking out.

Due to the valuves‘ unique interface between the modules, actuators can be replaced without opening the piping, and the simple separation of valve bodies and actuators makes the installation of the valves in pipelines easier and faster. Furthermore, as the spindle seal is in the form of a cartridge that comprises of a stainless steel sleeve with a pre-tensioned domed seal packing consisting of PTFE sealing rings, the valves can be replaced simply and reliably without the need for special tools.

The VZXA valves are made up of an angle seat valve body, a piston or diaphragm actuator, a visual position indicator, and the flow-optimised valve body made of stainless steel is available in sizes from DN15 to DN65.

Stainless steel actuators are available in three sizes, and with the control functions normally closed (NC), normally open (NO), and double acting (DA). The maximum operating pressure, depending on nominal size, is up to 30 bar. The larger visual position indicator is fitted as standard. Thanks to the transparent position indicator cap made of polyethersulfone (PES), the valves can be used in chemically aggressive environments.