FAO: Despite strong supply of food globally, conflicts and drought push hunger up

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), although the globe has a strong supply of food, localised drought, flooding, and continued conflicts have aggravated and maintained food insecurity.

The newest Crop Prospects and Food report discovered that 37 nations – 29 of which can be found in Africa – need external food assistance.

“Ongoing conflicts continue to be a key driver of severe food insecurity, having triggered near-famine conditions in northern Nigeria, South Sudan and Yemen, as well as widespread hunger in Afghanistan, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Syria,” The FAO stated, with the report also saying that conflict interrupts productive activities, curbs access to food, and significantly bumps up the numbers of people displaced internally.

In other regions, erratic and unfavourable weather conditions – notably drought and flooding – have negatively impacted farm food outputs, according to Eco-Business.

But the report also points out that in spite of the adverse trends, global food production is booming overall, with production gains also being recorded in many low-income countries experiencing food deficits. In addition, the aggregate cereal output is expected to rise by two per cent this year.


Sources: Eco-Business, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation