Fady Juez elected president of the International Desalination Association for 2022 – 2024 term

Mr Fady Juez, managing director of Metito Overseas

The International Desalination Association (IDA) announced that Mr Fady Juez, managing director of Metito Overseas, has been elected president by the Term 20 IDA board. Ms Shannon McCarthy has been re-appointed as the secretary general of the association. 

“I aim to ensure IDA continues the tremendous global recognition and financial turnaround accomplished in term 19, under the leadership of Shannon McCarthy and Carlos Cosin, with the board’s full support. The IDA will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023, and it is my honour to lead the board of directors in this important term. Considering the growing need for non-conventional water solutions to offset the effects of climate change, population growth, and industry needs, the board and I will continue the work to engage with the global stakeholder community to bring solutions to meet UN SDG6 water for all. The special imitative to ensure a water-positive world,” stated Mr Juez.

Mr Juez has been an active member serving the International Desalination Association board of directors for the last twenty years.
In addition to Mr Juez serving as president, Mr Alejandro Sturniolo, global head of water reuse & strategic partnerships, H20 Innovations, has been named 1st vice president, and Mrs Jantje Johnson, CEO, Orangeboat, has been named 2nd vice president.
The full slate of officers and committee chairs will be finalised during the 2022 World Congress, “Charting Resilient Water Solutions.”