Faced with molybdate restrictions? Inhibit corrosion, scale, and odours with VpCI®-649 BD MF!

The VpCI®-649 BD MF is another molybdate-free version of Cortec’s popular VpCI®-649, a liquid formulation designed for long-term protection against corrosion and scale in a variety of fresh water and glycol applications. VpCI®-649 BD MF provides the same protection benefits while meeting the tightening restrictions of some municipal water treatment plants and local environmental regulatory agencies that no longer allow molybdate in a plants’ effluent. VpCI®-649 BD MF also contains an organic dispersant that helps control odour.

VpCI®-649 BD MF can be used to protect:

•            Closed loop cooling systems in operation or layup

•            Vessels and pipelines undergoing hydrostatic testing

•            Casing tubing annuli filled with packer fluids

•            Oil storage tanks at risk for water-bottom corrosion

•            Fire extinguishing systems during dry layup

VpCI®-649 BD MF protects steel, copper, galvanized steel, and aluminium. It combines contact and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors for added protection of metals in air pockets where contact corrosion inhibitors cannot reach. It does not contain nitrite, phosphate, or chromate. It is effective at low concentrations, allowing economical hydrostatic testing and layup of vessels. Concentration can be monitored via pH, refractometry, PTSA tracer, or QAC test kit.

For those who require good corrosion protection and odour control but do not want to pay extra disposal costs for molybdate—or simply want a different tracer option—VpCI®-649 BD MF is an excellent, user-friendly choice for a broad range of corrosion-inhibiting water treatment needs.