Experts from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and Deakin University, Australia has Joined Memsift’s Advisory Board

Memsift Innovations Pte Ltd has signed an Advisory Board agreement with well-known membrane experts Assistant Professor Zuo Jian from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Fellow, Dr Ludovic Dumee from Deakin University, Australia. The agreement will enable the company to tap the expertise from the world class institutions for the next five years.

Memsift has successfully developed an innovative thermal membrane process TS-30™ and the membrane STOMATE® for various industrial applications. The technology has been proven for liquid-waste volume reduction and brine treatment for pharmaceutical and metal finishing industries. Currently, the company is providing solutions for the above industry sectors for brine treatment and liquid-waste volume reduction.

“We believe, this agreement will help us not only to tap expertise from the world class institutions but also to explore new applications for our products. The experts will help the company to develop solid technology roadmap and strategies that includes new membrane materials and applications development for our products. In which, we are expecting the new application development will bring us new business opportunities in the near future,” said Dr J Antony Prince, Founder and Chairman of Memsift Innovations Pte Ltd.

About Assistant Professor Zuo Jian: Dr Zuo Jian obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from National University of Singapore. His areas of expertise are membrane science and technology, membrane formation, hollow fiber spinning, membrane transport mechanisms, polymer materials and polymer synthesis. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor in Singapore Institute of Technology, working on membrane development for industrially important liquid-liquid separation, water treatment and desalination, as well as membrane process development for pharmaceuticals purification. He has extensive chemical engineering knowledge and experience in process design, energy calculation and system optimization. Having worked in the field of membrane science for over years, he understands the impact this technology can create in the industry and wherever relevant. He has invented a number of membranes for pervaporation and membrane distillation applications and has filed several patent applications. He has also developed superior thin film composite membranes for renewable energy generation and received the World Future Foundation Award in Environmental and Sustainability Research, as well as been listed in the Forbes “30 Under 30 Asia List”.

About Dr Ludovic Dumee: Dr Ludovic Dumee is a senior research fellow at Deakin University, within the flagship Institute for Frontier Materials. Ludo’s work is focused on the development of advanced separation materials stemming from the properties of nanoscale materials. His team investigates routes to generate efficient separation membranes and catalysts from 1D and 2D nanomaterials towards the design of isoporous membranes for ultra-selective separation of cells, proteins and pollutants. A key purpose in their research is to render existing separation processes, including membrane distillation and electrodialysis, more cost-effective approach through smart integration of advanced materials and morphologies. Ludo currently holds an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) and sits on the board of the Membrane Society of Australia (MSA) as its treasurer.