Evoqua’s DAVCO™ product line chosen to refurbish a wastewater treatment plant in Florida

In Longwood, Florida, Utilities, Inc. will be rehabilitating three biological wastewater treatment trains at its Wekiva Hunt Club Wastewater Facility. To that end, Utilities has chosen Evoqua Water Technologies through sales partner Heyward Florida Incorporated. The three trains have a total permit treatment capacity of 2.9 million gallons per day (MGD) – 10.9 million litres a day, and will go through equipment and structural improvements to revitalise operating efficiency while also prolonging the facility’s useful life, and meeting capacity and nutrient removal requirements.

Evoqua’s DAVCO™ product line offers a comprehensive equipment evaluation of facilities and recommended best options to upgrade current performance as well as save on capital and operating costs. The range of the project includes the replacement of two clarifier drive assembles, aeration diffusers, catwalks and process controls, and water and return activated sludge boxes with air lift pipe assembles. Additionally, there will be improvements to the tank structure where needed, as well as field painting and commissioning. The refurbishment and rehabilitation of the facilities will be in stages, and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2017.

“We are extremely focused on the need to maintain the level of service that our customers expect and to consistently meet our regulatory obligations. This project supports our goal of maximising the production of reclaimed water on a continuous basis and thus minimising the nutrient load that would otherwise impact Sweetwater Creek. The rehab project will be a boon to the Wekiva River ecosystem, classified as an Outstanding Water of the State,” Bryan Gongre, the Regional Manager of Utilities, Inc. said. “The quality of service and workmanship provided by Evoqua’s DAVCO field-service team is unparalleled in the industry. We look forward to the application of Evoqua’s expertise so that the Wekiva Hunt Club facility will perform better than its original design.”


Source: Evoqua