Evoqua launches compact chlorine alternative for water disinfection

Evoqua Water Technologies’ (NYSE:AQUA) Products Division recently launched of the OSEC® L Hypochlorite Generation System, an innovative water disinfection system that creates sodium hypochlorite on-site and on-demand in June.

The OSEC L hypochlorite generation system, a safe alternative to chlorine, commercial bleach, and chlorine tablets, creates a dilute and stable sodium hypochlorite solution that eliminates handling of any hazardous chemicals. Applications for the new OSEC L system include municipal drinking water and wastewater, industrial wastewater, food and beverage, commercial aquatics, pools, theme parks, and more.

Designed by Evoqua’s prestigious Wallace & Tiernan brand®, the OSEC L system produces a dilute hypochlorite solution <1.0 wt% concentration using saturated brine (salt), water and electricity in an electrochemical process. The system is fully automated with an embedded process controller, reducing the need for an operator interface to as low as possible.

The OSEC L system is compact, easy to install and use. It provides push button operation, plug and play installation and a footprint approximately 50 per cent less than other on-site generators.

“This is a unique disinfection solution to those looking for a safer and easier way to handle and store chemicals,” said Andrew Creathorn, VP/GM of Evoqua’s Aquatics and Disinfection division. “It’s complementary to many of our products including ETS-UV™ systems and Wallace & Tiernan chemical feed analysers and process controllers.”