Evides Waterbedrijf strengthens its partnership with TaKaDu for an additional three years

TaKaDu, a global leader in integrated event management solutions for the water industry, has announced that Evides Waterbedrijf, the second largest water company in the Netherlands, is extending its TaKaDu service contract for another three years.

Since 2014, Evides has been using TaKaDu’s event management solution to increase network visibility, improve asset management and to reduce non-revenue water loss.

The extension reflects the value of the service, and the long-term cooperation between the two companies.

Covering a mix of both residential and large industrial consumers, Evides invests in bringing in the latest data management tools for network monitoring and improving customer service. Specifically, TaKaDu has played an important role in managing network events such as meters’ and sensors’ data quality, telemetry quality, flow and pressure anomalies and ensuring the quick resolution of events, increased operational efficiency and improved customer service.

Robbert Wever, manager Infra at Evides, said, “Over the years, TaKaDu has helped us to manage and optimise our complex network. Thanks to its event management, we understood the power of visualising our network and seeing and understanding what’s happening. This is particularly valuable in our region, where we’re serving some of the largest oil refineries in the world. Going forward, we plan to integrate TaKaDu in our GAMEs platform – Geographical Asset Management at Evides.”

Wever continued, “TaKaDu’s solution, combined with the other data sources, will help us to build a very transparent picture of our network.”

Ziv Zaretsky, Takadu EVP for Sales & Operations, said, “Evides has always been an early adopter, since we first started to work with them and the GAMEs project shows how progressive they are. We’re excited to be part of this initiative which takes data analysis and visualisation to the next level.”

Based on big data analytics, TaKaDu’s IoT cloud-based solution enables water utilities to detect, analyse and manage the full life-cycle of network events (incidents), such as faulty assets, leaks, bursts, water pressure issues, water quality, operational faults and more.