Eviden and Samotics join asset performance management solution for energy and utilities industries

Eviden — the company in digital, cloud, big data, and security — and Samotics, a provider of real-time insights to eliminate industrial energy waste and unplanned downtime, have partnered to bring a remote asset monitoring solution to global industrial companies, delivering data analytics to drive energy-efficient operations and reduce energy waste.

Samotics’ predictive maintenance system, SAM4

In this partnership, Eviden intelligent asset management portfolio will be enhanced with Samotics’ predictive maintenance system, SAM4. This collaboration reportedly introduces an easily scalable, cost-effective, and implementable end-to-end remote monitoring system for industries such as water and wastewater, and oil and gas. SAM4 utilises non-intrusive sensors securely installed in the safety of a motor control cabinet, making it suited for hard-to-reach operational environments where equipment is either difficult to access such as borehole pumps in the water, or operates in harsh conditions.

The solution is said to provide automated data analytics to detect mechanical degradation, misalignment, electrical faults, and other equipment failures in advance. It will also offer real-time performance insights to identify inefficient use of equipment to eliminate unplanned downtime, optimise performance, increase energy efficiency, and reduce waste. Customers can reduce operational and maintenance (O&M) costs while minimising overall environmental impact.

Rita Marissen, head of industry resources and services, Northern Europe and Asia-Pacific for Eviden at Atos group, said, “The industry sectors are characterised by legacy assets in need of upgrade, modernisation, and digitalisation due to societal, regulatory, and investor pressures. Monitoring and analysis of these assets are essential to optimise. With this partnership, we [drive] customers’ operational resilience, energy efficiency, as well as reducing their carbon footprint.”

Jasper Hoogeweegen, CEO of Samotics, added, “Our SAM4 technology is delivering value to global industrial companies. [Partnering] with Eviden bring our technology to more organisations worldwide and help them eliminate unplanned downtime, reduce energy waste, and optimise operations.”

Jasper Hoogeweegen, CEO of Samotics

Eviden is said to deliver the complete asset performance management solution, including implementation, integration, and cybersecurity services while Samotics will provide expert fault detection and performance analysis services, offering customers actionable insights into the health and performance of their industrial assets.