Europump updates website to enhance customer experience

Europump, the European association for pump manufacturers, has launched its new and improved website. The redesigned site offers a modern and intuitive interface, providing an enhanced user experience for members, partners, associates, and other pump industry professionals.

Europump members represent more than 450 companies with a collective production worth of over €10bn and an employee count of 100,000 people throughout Europe. The performance of liquid pumps is said to increase the productivity of end user sectors and contributes to efficiency, sustainability, competitiveness, and growth.

The new website serves to improve the communication of the vital role Europump, and its National Association members, play in the regulatory and standardisation framework that now exists internationally. This important undertaking has been overseen by the marketing commission of Europump, with key contributions being made by both its technical and standards commissions.

Key features of the new Europump website include user-friendly navigation. The website has been designed with a focus on user-friendly exploration.It is also designed with a responsive layout, ensuring seamless viewing across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Its range of pump related information; from industry profiles to policy documents, position papers to membership benefits, and efficiency guides to pump types can be explored in the website which serves as a resource for engineers, project managers, company executives, stakeholders.

It also has an energy saving dashboard. Ecopump is Europump’s flagship project, embodying its energy commitment. In 2004 the Europump council endorsed the Ecopump initiative designed as a cornerstone of the European pump sector’s energy and environmental policy. The dashboard provides a real-time illustration of the energy savings being made.

Nicola Cox, marketing communications manager at Armstrong Fluid Technology and chair of Europump marketing commission, said, “This website reflects our commitment to the delivery of information on the work Europump undertakes on behalf of the European pump industry. The redesigned interface and added features will enhance the overall user experience, making it easier for visitors to access the information they need.”

(Image: Unsplash)